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Start monitoring your company’s business credit report and score today

Why monitor?

Business Credit AdvantageSM will give the peace-of-mind of knowing your business credit report and score are monitored daily. We do all the work and notify you via email when key changes occur – even score changes. Plus, you get unlimited access to your report and credit score tracking.

Business Credit Advantage effectively helps you:

-Protect your company’s business credit information from misuse or fraud, such as business identity theft
-Provide better awareness and avoid credit surprises
-Ensure immediate action is taken when changes occur to your business credit report
-Manage the factors that drive your business credit score
-Maximize opportunity for business growth and reputation
-Enable healthy management behaviors separating personal credit risk from business credit risk

These are some of the many benefits of enrolling in a Business Credit Advantage plan today!

Additionally, Business Credit Advantage is the best way to manage the risks of unreliable supplier and extending credit to financially weak customers. It is even the best way to see how your competition is doing. For a nominal fee you can keep a close eye on those with whom you do business. Research any company’s business credit report (no special permission required).

Examples of email alert types include:

-Business address changes
-Credit score changes
-Newly opened credit or trade lines
-Credit inquiries on the business profile
-Derogatory or late payments detected
-Business public record filings, including bankruptcy, liens and judgements
-Collection filings
-Uniform Commercial Code filings

Read our Business Credit Advantage FAQ.

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